Peugeot on the Net?
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    Peugeot on the Net?

    I know that Renault have heaps on the net for the marque. Citroen also have absolutly heaps also.
    Is there like a Peugeot web ring or peugeot centre where one can find out about the model range and the history with heaps of stuff on all the models?

    PS: which model came out and replaced the 604? blush


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    you can start at

    the 605 replaced the 604
    3 x '78 604 SL

    1 x 2018 3008

    1 x 2000 Citroen XM,

    1 x '98 306 GTi6 sadly sold

    1 x secret project

    1 x '98 406 STDT troop carrier and i don't care if it stinks, i don't sniff it's arse Death by wank tank

    1 x '99 406SV 5spd wagon, time to burn more fuel

    1 x 1994 605 SV3.0

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    LOL. Well I have found a bit. There isn't much on the 505 thats for sure! Its considered a less than sucessful model when compared to the likes of the 504 and 205.

    here is a good place to start though. With a bit of luck photos of my car will be on there soon!
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    1983 Peugeot 505 GR

    "All of its cars from the 1.1 litre 205 through the ugly duckling 309 to the 2.2 litre 505 GTi had a rightness and a righteousness about them that turned every humdrum drive into a journey. Someone, I once wrote, in the bowels of Peugeot understands handling and how a chassis should feel." - Jeremy Clarkson

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    The biggest list of Peugeot links of them all:

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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