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    Icon5 407 "Impossibly Attractive"

    "If looks could thrill"

    Is the title of today's Sydney's Sunday Telegraph cars guide road report. It mentioned that "The designers have made the touring model almost impossibly
    attractive, a feat along the lines of making a giraffe look like a


    The report did not go into an indepth review. Most of the article was
    spent discussing quality problems with other Peugeot models (206 CC & 307 CC).

    The article goes on ... "Apparently there is no French equivalent of the term 'quality control' The closest translation seems to be: c 'est la vie".

    Apparently the author, Stephen Corby, had difficulty in trying to open
    the tailgate "Imagine our mortification then, when we were contacted a
    week after returning the car, to be told the trick was to depress the
    0 of the 407 badge". Perhaps he should have read the owners manual?

    In terms of styling the review goes on to say "The 407 benefits from a
    stylish front end - one that refuses to be spoiled by that giant
    gaping mouth that makes the car look like a white shark on wheels,
    scooping up road krill. The Pug-pushers also do a nice line in rear
    ends with some of the funkiest brake lights around".

    The moon roof he claims is "...the size of a shop window, giving it
    all the space and light of a loft apartment".

    It's not all praise. The passenger window buttong is "a good three
    meters away from the passenger" and the "stumpy stalks behind the
    steering wheel, for radio and cruise control, were also designed to

    However he found the seats comfortable and the steering wheel and dash
    dials are "dead swish". Quite a compliment.

    In terms of the 6 speed tiptronic he found that it had a tendancy to
    jerk and hunt around in the lower gears and handling is "...competent
    rather than compelling".

    The article is summed up by saying that the 407 is "...not unpleasent,
    but nor is it exciting - certainly not as exciting as it's styling

    An interesting article, however the emphasis (half the article)
    seemed to be on quality problems with other Peugeot models, which is a
    pity, as I am sure that a more thorough researched and comprehensive
    review would have given readers a more balanced view.

    Not as negative as the recent Wheels article - What do you think???

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    I didn't buy that paper today but it looks like Peugeot are only supplying the V6 sedans and wagons to the motoring press thus far (are they worried about possible criticism of the 4cyls performance?)....I still haven't seen a road test of the better riding/ handling 4cyl in Australia.

    Regarding the 6 speed auto tranny, I've read elsewhere that it is the best auto (Japanese maufacturer), sampled in a French car ....then again there was no criticism of the electronic suspension's ride quality in this article (unlike Wheels).

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    ive seen several show with the 407 featured, one is Top Gear... thye went all through the styling and performance... they explained why the car has such "big mouth" and a low front end and that was becasue it is one of the most pedestrian safe car.

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    Default Top Gear - inspiration

    I read the 407 review in the UK 'Top Gear' magazine today.

    It seems that reference was made to the large snout (whale like) and the term
    'road krill' was used - which I thought was very clever.

    Funny that this term and similar description was also used in the 'Sunday
    Telegraph' article on the 407.

    A potential story for Media Watch perhaps?

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    I dunno the coupe* isn't that bad ?

    - xTc -
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    I thought it was a classic Sunday Telegraph road test - spend 2/3 of the article whinging about anything Peugeot you may have come across in the past, and then a small mention of the actual car you were supposed to be writing about at the end.



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    Quote Originally Posted by XTC206
    I dunno the coupe* isn't that bad ?

    - xTc -

    The 407 coupe looks the dogs' balls. Absolutely awesome.
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    Default 407 Coupe - purrrrrfect

    Quote Originally Posted by Stone Free
    The 407 coupe looks the dogs' balls. Absolutely awesome.

    Any idea of (Oz) launch date and engine type/output?

    Looks stunning !!!

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