1987 Peugeot 205 *modified*

The following car has just become available for purchase and we thought that it might just appeal to someone here in Australia - this little beast is a 1600 GTI model with twin 40mm side draft Webber carbs and nitrous injection .. we are waiting to find out the exact price but we are expecting it to be around $11,000 to $15,000 landed, excluding compliance.

<hr> 1987 Peugoet 205
1.6L engine
5 speed manual
twin side draft Webbers
K&N air filters
nitrous injection
full stainless exhaust
paddle type clutch
17" alloy wheels
custom flared guards
custom metallic blue paint
leather/fabric seats, sunroof, etc.
full alarm system fitted also
... awesome looking car - looking for something different?
The above estimate includes shipping, import duty, GST and our service fee - you will also need to allow for compliance and normal registration costs .. compliance should be around $900 to $1,300 for this car.

The examples you receive on our mailing list are only a very small sample of what is actually available in Japan each day, these are intended to give you an idea of the sort of cars that are out there ... we can only bid on cars once you have paid a deposit, so please only ask for more information if you are serious about buying.

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