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    hi, picked up my new 206xr yesterday, first new car i have ever purchased, its a white 3 door auto/tip, need the auto for hand controls, there were only six 3 door auto's left in the country & the 3 door in auto is now discontinued, so as they were all white, mine is that shade. whites ok for the sunny west.
    i have just been to lancelin & back, boring drive, but put 300km on the clock.
    is there a run in period for these cars, the dealer said just drive it, but their idea of drive it & mine may be poles apart, she's sitting in the shed next to a 67 firebird, 400 bb. if you get my drift.



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    No recommended run in for any peugeots,dealer told me it was fine to redline a 180 i was test driving with 25 km on it
    Dont be shy with it,give it alot of revs just not at load(WOT).Nowadays apparently they think you should not baby them,give them alot of revs to get good seals,just make sure its warmed up first.They are all tested and run before they leave the factory anyway which is why there is no "recommended run in" i think.

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