Tyres for a 406 Coupe
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    Tyres for a 406 Coupe

    Michellin 215x55x16 are coming in at $430. Top of the range Potenza and Kumho are about $200. I have almost 50,000 kms out of the Michies from new but find it hard to justify the $430. The Chevron guys bashed Michie and I rend to agree. Has anyone tried either of these tyres on a 406 Coupe?


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    I have no idea of pricing in OZ but I can recommend Yokohama ES100 Vrated tyres on a performance Peugeot, in my case 405 Mi16. These are a high silica content tyre, with excellent wet weather pattern, quiet and with superb dry weather grip. Compare the price for your size and have a look at them at a Yoko dealer. You would not be disappointed.
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