alright whats goin on,as you may know my beloved 205 was hit in the back end 2 days before xmas.i was phylisophical about it as the other driver was fully insured and its getting fixed at the moment and i dont have to pay for any of it.
the panel beater has given me a 1984 323 mazda which is the biggest bucket o bolts i have driven.the motor is absoloutly stuffed and the brakes shudder on full aplication not to mention the rest of the debarcle ,so i wont.
anyways i parked it in the supermarket carpark and somebody hit it when i was in the supermarket.GGGEEEESSSSS!!!!,please will people stop driving into the cars im driving.
i went home and panelbeated the car back into shape as they had pushed the plastic bumper corner out and the bumper part that goes around to meet the guard had folded pointing up in the air.
i pushed the folded bit back into shape and used a tree in my front yard to push the bumper back flushh to the body by nudging up to it and going forward slowly until it was back into position.its hard to tell that it even happened but as i signed a form saying that i was liable for the first $550 bucks,i didnt want to have to pay for it.
anyway im goin straight to the cop shop in the morning to get them to canary the car as its deplorable.
and thats another point i want to do these people get away with giving customers such a shitty cars without people like me either complaining [which will result in them forgetting about it as soon as your out the door]or taking action themselves and taking it to the cops themselves.
they make enough money im sure to be able to do this,especially a big panel shop such as the one mines getting done at.
so please all you drivers out there please try to avoid the bazzmobile, if you see me driving along eyes darting around everywhere with a sullen look on my face and going 25km/hr you'll now know why.-BAZZ