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    Default 505 Radiator Mod

    Greetings and the best for 2005 to you all.
    Well after 3 false starts in Geelong (no one wanted to do the radiator mod) I went back to Albury where my good friend and mechanic peter Boys from Albury Automotive got to the job. As it happened a VK commodore had stripped its timing gear and has towed in that morning. We where able to remove both the 505 radiator and the Holden radiator and determine wether the mod was feasible.
    initially the radiator differences are
    1. the holden unit is 5 core and is 30mm wider and 20mm deeper.
    2. the 6 cylinder holden radiator has the inlet and outlet on the SAME side as the 505, whereas the V8 has them on opposite sides.
    3. The Holden radiator has the auto tranny cooling inlet outlet on drivers side tank where the 505 is on the passenger side.
    MODIFICATIONS NECESSARY to fit the holden radiator.
    1. Battery tray needs to have some material cut out fom it
    2. Air conditioning hose from condensor to compressor needs to be re routed from between radiator and battery to another route (we took it along the side of the inner guard.) THIS MEANS that the hose needs to be manufactured or procured in a longer length
    3.there is a lip down low on the driver side chassis rail whis has to be bent up to accomodate the radiator
    4.the holden raidator has two large prongs which slide into a rubber locating grommet on its underside. We had to weld 2 small brackets underneath the lower radiator support to accomodate these.
    5. the auto tranny lines need to be re routed from underneath the car to the drivers side radiator tank. 3/8 bsp barb end brass fittings from NZ connectors were screwdeinto the radiator and the modified cooling hoses from the tranny slid over them and located with a tridon clamp
    6. top mounting on passenger side is as for the 505 with a new hole drilled into mounting flange of holden raditor. On drivers dide a long bolt is used with an appropriate aluminium hollow shaft to support it.
    7. Upper radiator hose is standard 505, lower one is from repco (will get approprite part number later)
    cost with air cond re-gas new air con hose and receiver dryer, new radiator was around $800
    the needle stays on the 2nd white line up from the blue and occasionally goes to 2.5 graudations. I sat on 130 km/h from albury to melb with my kart trailer in tow on a 30 degree day. The engine purred along
    before the needle would be 1/2 to 3/4 of a graduation from the red line and it would run like a cantankerous pig.
    It is simply a matter of capacity when u look at the 505 and holden units alongside.the holden unit holds twice as much water
    Contact me if you want more details.
    I am happy , very happy as it has solved a major hassle with this fine car
    If you tow, or if u punt the car along i recomend this mod heartily.
    Good luck
    Nick Mega


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    great news

    a little bit of work but nothing major and a good outcome

    the car can now cruise and tow eithout the worry of it overheating

    it may take a little longer to get up to temp in winter but if you have a good distance to drive to work then all should be fine

    bar the A/C hose it sounded like a pretty easy task even though the A/C hose is easy to get around they can sometimes be a bugger as you have to do a regas
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    Default Air Con

    The lucky thing was that i needed a regas anyway and pete suggested i wait for the rad mod before we regas. Its amazing how cold the air con is.. even the fresh air coming thru the vents without air con is so much cooler. when i raised the bonnet after a run of about 30 k's it was amazing to feel how much cooler the underbonnet temp was. I figure now the aircon can work better because the radiator isnt giving off as much heat . I dont think the cold weather will be a prob Rambo as the thermostat will stay closed till operating temp. the big difference with this conversion is how quick the temp drops. the thermo must fully open on the 3rd white notch from the bottom. as soon as the needle hit that today the needle dropped pronto the the 2nd notch.
    i couldnt recomend this mod enough, the car just flies along.

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