Fitting an LSD to BE1/Mi16 gearbox
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    Fitting an LSD to BE1/Mi16 gearbox

    I am having a Quaife LSD fitted to my S1 405 Mi16 for tarmac rallying. I had heard that the old diff could be removed and the Quaife fitted with gearbox in place, but I have just learned from the workshop fitting it, that because of a/c plumbing and the cross member under motor they cannot create enough room to remove old diff.
    So gearbox must come out.
    Can anyone eg.
    Peter T. advise approx. time to remove gearbox, fit LSD incl replacing carrier bearings, and refit gearbox. This could be another bill that the wife mustn't get to learn of ! Cheers


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    I'd say 6 hrs for an experienced Pug person, 8+ hrs for a novice.

    '92 205 Mi16
    '90 Mi16x4

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