Happy New year to everyone!!!

After coming home from the Uk and spending about 900 on a new clutch, Yet another thing has arisen with the 205. The rear beam now needs a rebuild. New shafts on both sides and new needle roller bearings and seals. Then to top it off. After coming home from sydney this afternoon nursing the car not driving hard. I pull up at home and smelt what was a sort of burning Oil. Look under the car and theres oil drip drip. What next. I had a quick look and could no face what it might be. So ill deal with it tomorrow. It looks like there was alot of oil on the cross member and once the car is stopped it seams to find the low side, gather and then drip...I couldnt see anything really(although it was dark ish) like cam cover seal gone or anything like that. Any ideas?? So now that will all have to be fixed. It feels like i just fix something up and then she just goes. Well while your at it my arse end needs attention. And can you check my hoses aswell. Cause im leaking something too. And im becoming poor really quickly.Just thought ide let you know. So it now seems that i might not be coming on the open speed day on the 6th.