Sime Darby New Caledonia Competition
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    Icon1 Sime Darby New Caledonia Competition

    Having just entered in the Sime Darby Automobiles Pty Ltd New Caledonia competition via the "purchase experience survey" I would be interested to track this competition and hopefully hear from the eventual winner!! The competition closes 27 Sept 05, and the winner will be announced 1 Oct 05. That is if this thread lasts that long!

    More info

    '04 307 XSE Touring Auto - Diablo Red
    '06 206 C Auto - Diablo Red

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardhayward
    The competition closes 27 Sept 05, and the winner will be announced 1 Oct 05. [/URL]
    ******* DELETED RESPONSE *******
    Reasons for deletion are as follows:

    1. Not really appropriate for this forum

    2. Not in the least bit funny

    3. I should learn to stay away from computers when the red cordial has been passed around.

    4. I really should have learnt after the time I cc'd all the transport ministers & premiers in the country (including John Anderson the deputy) a 4 page letter to the editor of WHEELS discussing the issues of speed zones, enforcement, driver education and my recommendations for improving safety on the nation's roads.

    5. I do actually feel shame. Just a little bit.
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