405 S2 Instrument panel removal/installation
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    Default 405 S2 Instrument panel removal/installation

    Almost threw in the towel today. Had to remove the instrument panel to replace the temp guage. Followed the Haynes manual, but when I got to the bit where it said to give the speedo cable a sharp tug from the engine side, I figured he must be referring to some other car, so pressed on regardless. One would have to have several elbows and a very thin arm to even touch that cable. As it turned out, you don't have to give it a tug at all.

    The real fun bit came when time to put the panel back in , and get the speedo cable to line up with the speedo hub. After plenty scraped knuckles, and lotsa swearing, I eventually jagged it with the help of an assistant and some cotton thread to line it up. The hardest part was not knowing if it was connected or not without driving the car. I eventually got smart and jacked up one front wheel.

    Times like these I think "how do they do it in the factory?" I am sure they don't use two mechanics tugging on bits of cotton.

    So next time I have to do this, does anyone know a better way?


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    Sorry, But thats the way the mechanics at the Peugeot dealer do it too, lol

    They use some nice cotton string, lol
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