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    My 205gti needs some more oil. I have the haynes manual so i know what type of oil i need, but how do i tell if the previous owner put synthetic in or regular? does it matter if i put in regular and it has synthetic or the other way around?
    i guess the answer will probably be to flush out all the oil so i know what i have in?


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    There's no real way of knowing what is in there. I'd be doing an oil flush regardless. I wouldn't see a huge issue in switching from a full synthetic to a sem-synth, if that's what your fear is. You see a lot of comments, re: once you switch to synthetic you should never go back to mineral, but I don't think going to a semi-synth would be the end of the world.

    For me, however, I prefer full synthetics, so would be running that in the 205 after the oil flush.

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