the service man damages my car /have a good bitch thread.
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    Default the service man damages my car /have a good bitch thread.

    i thought id start a bitch thread on service people doind damage to your car thread.
    i try to keep my 205 in good mechanical order and try my best not to add to the already 18 years woth of scratches,chips and the like so it really annoys me when service people damage your car and wont own up.
    the intereor paintwork of my 205 was in perfect condition untill i had the car for a few weeks and decided to get a whell alignment.
    1-i warned the young fellow a few times about the fact that the seatbelts will pull back really quick when released and if not carefull will hit the side window or door ,leaving a scratch.when i got thre car back it had a deep scratch in the door paintwork that wasnt there before.
    i brought this to his attention but he strongly denied doing it and swaers he noticed it when he got in the car .i wasnt in the mood to argue so i left it go.
    2-also after having work done i noticed a few paint chips on the top of the guard near where the bonnet meets,that were not there before.unfortunatly i didnt see them till the next day so was very unconfident about it being fixed by them.
    3-had the car for about 4 weeks,got new rims and wanted them exchanged for the old ones on the car.they lifted the car with the floor scissor type of lift [bad idea for the 205 gti].when it was ready they asked me to drive it off which i thought was strange as they usually insist on it,when i drove off it ripped off the guard that protects the exhaust at the front.
    in hindsight they obviously knew this was going to happen and thought that i would be responsible for the damage as i drove the car off .luckly it was only the guard and not the exhaust.after a call to head office on my mobile i received a check for $80 to buy a new guard.i pushed the old one back into shape and im using it still and pocketed the $80.

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