How to remove the gear knob on 306
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    Icon5 How to remove the gear knob on 306

    Hi people sorry if I am asking a stupid question, but I am trying to fit a new gear knob on my 306, but I cant seem to remove the original one, my mate said I have to cut the actual stick, which I dont want to do, is there any way I can pull it off without cutting the stick or the actual plastic knob, so I'll still have the original knob just in case?


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    i own a 1998 306 XSi, and i didnt have to cut off the original knob when fitting a new one....however, i fitted a original pug alloy it was sure to fit right.

    basically, u just gotta pull and twist really hard at the existing knob, if u feel around the base of the knob, it seems as if there is a small catch or something, just try to twist it around and stuff, and it should eventually come off(its hard to see what your doing because of the gaiter).

    what type of knob is it?....i initially bought a MOMO one, but i was told that id need to get it shaved to fit the gear stick, so i sold it off, and thats why i went and bought a nice alloy one from peugeot.

    hope this helps


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