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    Default Hello, new member here...

    Hey guys,

    How goes it? I love in Toronto Canada, and i own a 1991 Peugeot 405S. I have a question for all, i wanna restore my beast, but i don tknow where to start. Getting parts here is difficult, so are there any parts from other cars that are compatible?? MY brakes are not working right, my engine is beginning to smoke up, the drive shalfs need replacing. Are there any VW parts i can use, like say jetta brakes??? SOMEONE PLEASE help, or at least please point me to some resources.


    Thanks Guys and Gals

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    You have a fellow Canadian 405 owner who's a member here in Mike Tippett... Mike lives the other side of Canada, but probably knows nationwide (or USA) sources that will be helpful.

    He'll also warn you about doing up the rear suspension... be ready for graphic descriptions there... and suggest you join the Peugeot-L forum on Yahoo Groups.

    Hope you enjoy the process... and make lots of new friends...

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