Hi guys
Its been a while since I was on the ether, so merry Christmas to all.
I tried sending an email to nick at pugaction tonight but it was returned-no such address?
Is Nick still trading,if so please tell me his email address?


For those interested I have my 405 Mi16x4 running now, and the stuffed self levelling rear end has had its Citroen sphere replaced,corrected pressurised and topped up with LHM oil. Ride and handling, at modest speeds are good.
The oil leaks from various diffs, transfer box were not serious just in keeping with mileage (87,000 )miles. Gearbox is good, and surprisingly car is quieter(even with hole in rear muffler) than my FWD Mi16, the xtra weight sits the car more firmly on the road.
A major still to do is to find out why speedo doesnt work, and fix that-I think it goes into transfer box, or transfer box has to come out to replace cable in gearbox??
I hope to get a WOF by end of January assuming I can get necessary parts in time. Am expecting a trailing arm bearing set,seals and sleeve tomorrow, so rear suspension will be completely fixed early in New Year.