Merry Christmas and a happy new car! Enjoy life
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    Default Merry Christmas and a happy new car! Enjoy life

    Hello all,

    Have spent the last few months looking into the options and I plan to get a new 206gti 180 in the new year ( aegen blue ). I have the plates already, picked them up today GTI - XX. Numbers for the X's but keeping that anon.

    Have been reading the posts and threads here and have been very helpful. So thank you all. Am hoping to get a good price with the drop in tariffs.


    Had been looking at getting a base level 206gti. But when I showed my boss the brochures he said "get the 180, its got all best stuff". To fill you in, his defacto is currently battling a serious illness.

    He refered to this to highlight why I should buy the top of the range car. This sort of thing can crop up from nowhere. It did certainly in this case.

    So my thought for the day: Don't deny youself the pleasures of life. If you want something GET IT!

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    way to go Mic_Col - I think by the time you get the brochure you are already gone!
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