306 vs mi16? (maybe even vs 205gti)
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    306 vs mi16? (maybe even vs 205gti)

    As some of you probably know, i am getting a car (my first) in the next month or two. Its going to be a pug, and thats decided. I was kinda weighing up between an mi16 and a 205 gti, and my dad suggested a 306? there are a few for 11 or 12k which is pretty cheap for a '94 car. power figures don't really impress, has anyone own/owned one with a few mods? are they very good cars? any input on the matter is much appreciated, as i have only driven an mi16 once and none of the other vehicles. thanks for the help


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    I took a few 306's (XT) for a spin b4 I goit my 306 S16. Compared to my ride at the time, 85 Alfa Sprint, it was much mroe refined and solid, but didnt go aswell as it only had about 70kw. I was very impressed with the handeling however, but there was not enough power to get the most out of the car. I then drove a 205 GTI, I think it was a lower quality build then my Alfa, but jeez it went and handled. I then drove the S16, and although it was considerable more $ than the others (try $7000), i felt that it was worth the extra to have the best of both worlds.

    Now, when it comes time to weigh up a 306/205, it really comes down to what you want out of the car and what u intend to do with it. Ill leave you to deside the weightings. Take them all for a drive before you focus on any, including the Mi16, which i cant comment on as i have never driven one. Also keep in mind the running costs, no doubt the newer and less highly strung 306's will have less dramas in maintenance.
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    Hi Nick

    I own 3 205 GTi's and have owned a 306 XT before those 3. The 306 has a much better build quailty but who cares! These 205 GTi's are amazing and are a prefect first car! You can buy a really nice one for $11 grand !

    Hope you have fun ! Nick Watson

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    Get a 205 GTi, they are mad fun, mine is my first car. If you want a car that is built totally rattle free, dont get a 205 GTi though.

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    Noooooo.....get an XT.....cause erm...they need love too!

    All the more 205s for the rest of us, though there are plenty of rattles to go round
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    If you do decide on a 306 see if you can stretch to a Series 2 Style or something.

    I had a Style for a few days while my '00 XT was being serviced and was amazed at the ability of this thing. Less power than my car but the engine had more character.

    It was a great thing to drive.

    Depends what you want out of a Peugeot though.

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