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Thread: 407 Press Kit

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    Default 407 Press Kit

    If this is one of you guys with the highest bid ... we wanna see it to



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    I can't believe what people buy! Just looking at his other auctions, my goodness!

    A press pack would be cool, though, but just a regular brochure on a Landcruiser? Someone paid $7.50 for a Fast Fours issue! WTF?!

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    Icon6 "Investing" in brochures.

    Yes but is it interest or investment that drives the price. I have a car brochure which is one page valued in England at A$180 and another sold at Beullie for E200Pounds on a rare 100S Healey.
    A personal interest will fuel the bidding to what one's interest is. Models can be very cheap or exceedingly pricey depending on what one is willing to pay.

    If you cant afford the real thing, then a substitute might be considered reasonable.

    Bon chance

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