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Thread: Oil Change Time

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    Default Oil Change Time

    i recently came into the possession of 10Litres of Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40... the book recomends 10W-40 or if i was to be "racing" 15W-40.


    is the helix gunna cause any problems? seeing as it doesn't match whats recomended. and im not exactly an oil expert.

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    I'm presently running 5W40 Elf in my BX16V and it seems to be going without any problems.
    To a point I suppose it depends on the mileage and condition of the engine as well as what you have run in it previously. Mine has always been run on full synthetic and fine grade oils.

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    Shell's website recommends a 15W-50 for your car, which is a bit extreme! I'd say 5W-40 would be fine.

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    book also recomends 10-40 for a 8v 205 gti.....yeah right...I think it might be just a little bit to thin for the aussie climate and the fact that most are hitting around 200K.....So, like alan said...it really is partially dependant on milage and the kind of ambient teperatures you drive under.....For the mi16, low milage, I think 5-40 is quite fine, but there would be absolutely nothing wrong running 15-50.....sure its a little bit thicker....but its not 2004 built vtec...I m sure mi16 tolerances are tight but when you r seeing 30+ degree days I think the 15-50 might even be more appropriate.....But like others have stressed,...5-40 will be fine and perfectly safe....Once you change...observe your oil pressure and if it starts dropping to silly levels on hot days after a long drive...I d be looking at something a little bit thicker......Keep an eye on your oil level as well....if it starts drinking the stuff, that should also point to it being "possibly" 2 thin...
    What was the oil consumption like previously....? What grade/viscosity was being used previously?

    Don t stress.....all will be fine.....ultra is good quality oil and no harm will be done....fresh oil is always better than no oil or low levels of stuff thats been in there for 20K....


    good luck


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