206gti wheels on 205gti
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    Default 206gti wheels on 205gti

    i have just found out that i have some 206 gti wheels 16" available to me and i think the offset on my s1 205 is 19, is there any difference with the 16 inch wheels, i have got mi16 wheels on it at the moment and im using spacers in the back, so i guess the question is- will i have rubbing if im not using spacers? because i would prefer if i didnt have to use them, also are the 16" wheels a 6" wide or a 6.5" ?
    thanks to anyone who can help me



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    hi garett205,

    the 16s will fit, and you will need to retain the spacers - for the rear - if you dont want them to rub.

    wouldnt have the faintest re: width.

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