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Thread: Mi16 aircon

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    Default Mi16 aircon

    does anyone out there have a wiring diagram covering the air conditioning for a series 1 mi16? Haynes does not cover it and I need it fixed before summer. It has just been regassed, pressure tested but the clutch on the compressor wont function. Any ideas?? Greg


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    Kick off by checking there's no breaks in the wiring particularly in the vicinity of where the torpedo stle connector is as well as any signs of scuffing on the wiring leading to the clutch.
    Check that the switch on top of the filter/dryer is in circuit and that the switch on the dash is making contact.

    Here's a wiring diagram for a Citroen BX which should be close enough to a 405 to be useable.


    Hope that is some help.

    BTW, also check whether the fans are switching on even though the compressor isn't snapping in. That should give you some indication as to whether the sensor under the dash is operating.

    Alan S
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