205 starter motor cost?
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    Icon8 205 starter motor cost?

    ive been told its about 4 hours labour to to work on it so does anyone know roughly how much id be looking at?

    just say i go with a new starter motor plus labour?

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    How are they going to spend 4 hours on this?

    This is the price in UK pounds off a UK website so you can guess on a new one out here being about A$400 - A$500

    T90106 STARTER MOTOR 205 1.6/1.9 GTi (54.00 UK Pounds)

    Some of the Pug/Cit starters are made by Mitsubishi in which case if you can get numbers off them you can siometimes grab an exchange from an auto accessories place (SuperCheap/ AutObarn/ Repco) for around A$150.
    In most cases the starters are repairable and if you can't DIY, look for a decent honest Auto electrician; there is still a couple about, but remove & replace it on the car yourself so they don't get spooked at the brand name.

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