505 SRDT Guage problems
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    Default 505 SRDT Guage problems

    Hi Guys,

    I own a 1985, 505 SRDT. I have some problems with some of the dash guages and was wondering if anyone knew where I should start.


    The tacho swings wildly while the key is in ON position (whether or not the engine is running). It seems to have absolutely no correlation with engine speed, as it spends most of it's time waving about between 5000 and 6000 rpm!!!

    Also, the oil pressure/level guage does not work.

    Are these problems likely to be in the instrument cluster or should I start looking under the bonnet??

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Also - I am looking for a front left indicator lens. Are they widely available (if so how much am I looking at for a replacement), and are they reasonably simple to change (it is housed in the bumper/spoiler).

    Thanks again guys!

    PS. Well done to everyone involved on such a great site!!
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