Hi guys
Well the starter failed again but i knew the problem.. the terminal that slides over the spade lug on the solenoid keeps falling off so i replaced every one of those poorly crimped dodgy brothers autoelectric job for bespoke soldered joints and really tight fit between the spade lug and new soldered terminal.. end of problem
Now to the question at hand...
just under the inlet tracts for cylinders 2 and 3 (fuel injected 505 1985) is what seems to be a junction of 3 19mm vacuum hoses .. 1 goes to the fuel rail, 1 goes to the large rubber ducting which connects the plenum chamber to the other half of the fuel injection over near the brake booster and 1 goes to just above the thermo housing.. this junction/valve has some form of solenoid or pressure sensor with two wires coming off it. The valve/junction also has an end that if u turn it, it affecs idle
speed when you turn it clockwise (lowers it)
I can hear a vaccum leak from one of the hoses (the one that goes to the fuel rail) so I figured i might see if i can get replacements
so boys and girls.. what is this valve/junction/idle affecting part I speak of?
And what would all the hoses be called as i will renew these.
Incidentally i moved the ridiculously placed radiator expansion bottle to the drivers side front guard between it and the power steering resevoir bottle.. now there is a heap more room round the dipstick/inlet manifold area. It works
even though i have had to tilt the bottle.
So guys thanks for your help in identifying the part(s) in question


HAve a great day
Nick mega