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Thread: Springs

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    I have replaced the exterior door handle on the drivers door of my 505, as like most other 505's around it has a broken spring and the door handle was very very slack and did not return nicely....

    I have also now replaced the interior door handle on the drivers door of my 405 with a spare I had...which also had the broken spring problem

    I know a guy who had some springs made up for the 505 handle many moons ago, but cant remember where he had them done now....

    Has anyone got any ideas ? because these springs on the 505's do tend to break often...



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    I'd be interested to know.

    My driver's one is also very loose/slack. However my rear right exterior handle is really stiff. It takes quite an effort to open it, and the exterior handle doesn't return to its position (stays sticking out). I don't really care about the rear one as it never really gets used, but I'm interested in the driver's one. The whole latch on the driver's door is quite loose as it hits the door striker every time you shut the door (as the door has drooped quite a bit).

    EDIT: I'll play around with it while the door is off when I replace the pins wink .

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