205 1.6GTI Fuel pump!
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    Icon9 205 1.6GTI Fuel pump!

    I have been rebuilding a 205 gti for the past 3 months its a 1987 model. finally taxed and insured this week. jumped in and it wouldn't start

    I took the fuel line off the rail and turned the engine over. No petrol came out so the pump is obviously not working. It was working the other day as i had it running. I had taken the dash out to sort the heater matrix, put it all back the car still started. The only other work since has been two new rear shocks. In between the car has only been on tick over but the pump must have still been working then in order for it to start??? i thought it a far fetched idea that it was just ticking over on what fuel was left in the pipe as there would be no pressure in it from the pump.

    I don't know where to start looking. The pump doesn't fire up when you put the key in the ignition as it should. could it be a fuse, relay, loose connector and if it is where are they all. I don't really fancy having the dash back out!

    So basically the car was working and now the pump doesnt. Does anyone know of any common probs with the pumps or the exact route as to how they are wired.


    Or is there a fuel pump cut off switch somewhere? I have found a black switch/button with two wires coming out of it but this seems to make no difference.
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    if you dont have a HAINES repair manual for the car i suggest you wisely ivest in one.it will tell you all you need to know for someone in your situation.if you do have on it should be in there.
    i think the fuel pump on my 205 gti 1,9 is in the petrol tank??????.[not sure on cti]
    check all the fuses first[fuse box in glove box]
    in my haines manual it says that its number 13 fuse[should be last fuse]its a 25 amp fuse and only runs the fuel pump.the manual is pretty general lumping all pre 1988 gti and cti together.but later models has seperate info for each seperate model.
    it reads- fuse 13. [in line] fuel pump [gti]........................25 amp
    meaning ,i think; that the gti pump is in line and the cti pump is not in line .
    what this means im not sure but some one will know.
    i suggest you get a couple of 25 amp fuses[a spare in case] and try a new fuse and see how you go.
    if no success refer to your new manual.
    i reckon it should be around 15 or so ,not a big chunk o change.-BAZZ

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    Cheers for that.

    I have the manual, i will check that fuse you said about. I will also test to see if there is power going to the pump (which is in the tank). If there is no power then it is a fuse or relay i would think. If there is power then i will assume the pump has died. Although i doubt this.

    If as a last resort i need to use the car can a manual switch be put onto it to power it up. I take it the pump always pumps and keeps the pressure in the fuel system while the car is running. The pressure is controlled by the fuel regulator ?????

    Least then i know i can use it if i really need to.

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