Koni for early 504
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    Koni for early 504

    Does anyone know anything about koni shocks?
    I'm after a pair of new front strut shocks for a 1974 504 sedan.
    but i'm not sure:
    *whether they are still being made?
    *if there are any in australia?
    *what the right code for 74 504 KONIs is (eg. KO-86-1987 or KO-86-1642 etc etc)
    *how much i should expect to pay?
    *are konis worth it?
    appreciate any info you guy have...Sam


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    I had a set of 4 Konis on one of my 404s, and frankly, they were more or less crap. They wore out in about 100,000 km and adjusting them made no difference to their inability to dampen road shocks. The only ones worse than Konis on a Peugeot are Boge, which is German for "bubble gum"

    Stick to OEM Peugeot shocks, you'll not go wrong with them.

    If you really want to know if Koni still makes 504 shocks, email them...but I doubt that they do. I contacted them a little while ago about 404 shocks (rear ones in particular) because I needed 2 for my 404 Coupé Injection and couldn't get new OEM ones...they were not making them any more for any 404.
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    I pretty well agree with Mike.
    I believe they are no longer made and were $250 each when available. One problem is that they don't compress enough and on rough roads the foot valve can be damaged.
    Genuine shockers are a bit hard to get for the front although very good as long as they installed properly, you need to add oil (supplied) as they are not a cartridge type.
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    You can also e.mail Geoff Lowe at Proven Products... [email protected]

    Konis are repairable, but if the shaft is damaged I would say the prospects are slim.

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