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    Hi folks

    posted a thread a couple of days ago re:306 front windscreen washer not working but the back windscreen washer working from both controls. Thanks again for the suggestions. The problem appeared to be fixed after reverse pressuring the line with a bicycle pump. However this was short lived. I tried the the same technique again and they started to work for a few squirts and then they pack up again. Very strange. Has anyone ever experienced this or have any suggestions as to a remedy. Also the trip recorder has started to zero itself at random intervals. I've reset the service indicator but this hasn't helped. In addition the alarm (defender 3) has started to go off at random times without any apparent trigger.

    Is this all coincidence or some thing very wrong with the electrics?

    Would be very grateful for any help



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    The windscreen washer problem is not electrics... it sounds like something in the line that moves up and blocks it. Your putting pressure on it clears it, the junk moves back or turns sideways or something, but it's still there and free to move up and block it all again. You'll need to clean the line out a bit better... take it off at the pump end and blow water back through it, I'd suggest.

    No ideas with the tripmeter... or the alarm...

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