Faster Idle = faster/smoother acceleration!!
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    Icon6 Faster Idle = faster/smoother acceleration!!

    Hi all, was tinkering with my idle on the weekend as I was sick and tired of it wavering up and down between 800 and 400 when slowing down at traffic lights. Anyway I've set it around 950 - 1000 rpm and have found that acceleration through the gears from standstill feels much stronger. I suspect it might have something to do with the idle maintaining revs between changes?? Not that I thrash the guts out of it as I rarely rev it past 5000 rpm. It just seems to pick up or maintain its pace alot better now than before. Just my for what its worth.


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    Yes, they're much happier at 1000rpm. Also keep in mind that 205 tachos are very inaccurate.

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