Hey everyone,

I have a problem with my little old peugeot 205, its not a GTI or a diesel, cant find the documents but it is about 1988, 1 litre petrol engine.

I think there are two problems:

1] it does not like the wet - at all! if i drive over a puddle, it will sound like its drowning, then cut out and not start for at least an hour - think this is the distributor cap - but i dont understand this as I have had this replaced since the problems started and it is still happening, I was told to stick a plastic bag over it to try and see if that stops it, do you agree?

2] also, recently more than late, the car wont start or run very well, if i put my foot down it splutters like mad, sometimes backfires and then most often cuts out.
it sounds like the enigne is flooded? i was told by my dad this may be a timing problem?

I need some advice on how I can fix this myself, I'm getting a haynes 205 manual so i will have an idea of what bit is where.

do i need to replace parts or just re-allign things?

any advice appreciated, thanks in advance,