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    Default Mi16 Brake Question

    Howdy All,

    I am considering replacing my suspension on my series 1 mi16 myself. What i really need to know is can I do it without taking apart the brake lines or if i have to pull them apart can i bleed them. I read in a hayes manual that i cant bleed them due to the abs. Can anyone confirm this or am i reading this wrong? Any advice on changing the suspension would be great too.



    PS i am going oem too
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    Hi SmothePeanut,

    You can change the suspension without draining the brake system by unbolting the calipers at the front from the hub carrier and hanging them up out of the way whilst you work on the struts. As long as the flexible pipe stays firmly screwed in you shouldn't have a problem. At the rear due to the suspension set up there are no issues with having to unbolt brake pipes, the only difficulty I can see is getting the compression(?) set correctly when installing the new dampers but this should be described within the Haynes manual.

    I don't think you can bleed an ABS system with the conventional 'pump the pedal' method as it may not bleed the ABS compensator on the master cylinder. The compensator might have bleed screws on it but unless you have a foolproof way of doing this, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

    Regarding advice on the changing the suspension, I would say get a good spring compressor, take the strut+hub carrier off the car,work on it on the workbench taking your time and do one side at a time so you've always got a example to look at if your memory's as good as mine.

    Hope this helps,

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