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Thread: what car?

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    Default what car?

    hi guys


    gonna get into a pug soon but not sure which 1?

    either a simple 95' 306 xr or the slighlty more 96' 306 s16?

    it would just be used to get around until i save for a better car

    is it worth goin the extra outlay, insurance, maitenance etc?

    any probs to look for in each?
    any other advice?



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    Both are N3 (i.e. the older chassis and body shape) and not the later N5. Aesthetically the N3 can look a bit dated in comparison to the mid 97 and onwards N5, though you can't get an N5 S16. Either way it isnít a big deal.

    The N3 306 XR will have the 1.8l 8v engine, we have one in the family. They aren't bad at all, but you really have to rev the tits off it to make it seem reasonably fast. Like I said they're not a bad or boring car by any means, but mainly a putt putt around town type of car.

    As I said above, though all 306's, are fun to drive i would recommend definitely getting the S16. Much more fun to be had with the 16v 160hp motor driving it, and in reality if you got an S16 you wouldn't really want a better car as some would say they are the next best thing in a 306 to the king of the hill GTI-6, others would say an N5 XSi.

    I don't believe that insurance is a problem in a 306, although my mother has a rating 1 and itís insured under her name so i wouldn't exactly know, but her premiums aren't overly expensive.

    Thing I can think of to look for are:

    High km's, there is a few 306's that have been driven into the ground and have very high km's, Iíd ease on cautions side of any cart that had well over 200k kilometres

    check the cam belt make sure its been done if it has more then 80k kilometres, and again if its done over 160k kilometres. Also check the age of it as itís a 4 year, 80k kilometre job and can be VERY costly if it snaps. if its close enough i.e. within about 10000 kilometres of needing it done, ask the owner to do it or ask for a cheaper price, as its not a cheap job if you can't DIY, and not fun if you can.

    Check that it revs freely throughout the range, if not check the diaphragms, you can loose low end power or high end power if these are not working properly. Check this thread s16 no power

    Check for the usual broken plastic bits in the lifting mechanism for the front electric windows that will leave the window either stuck up, or down or maybe half way there this is another expensive job if new parts need to be sourced.

    Check the brakes, as when we bough ours we didn't expect there to be anything to be wrong with them. But over the period of ownership we've had just about every part of the braking system rebuilt and/or machined

    Check the airbag if safety is an issue, as it would be getting to the stage of needing to be replaced as it would be nearly 10 years old

    Check CV joints for clicking noises, indicationg there on there way out.

    Get an RACV check of the car for peace of mind, and ask one of the Melbourne members here to go for a drive with you if you don't know what youíre looking for as with regards to faults

    I really canít think of much else to add to this, at the moment, but Iím sure someone else can, other then to do a search as there is lots of useful information on both cars in the forum.

    how much are you looking to spend. All be it in queensland, brad has an excelent example of an S16 for sale.

    Brad's S16 For Sale
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