how many 205 5 doors is there in australia ??
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    Default how many 205 5 doors is there in australia ??

    Owning one has given me an interest to try and solve this question, and i am just curios how many made it to Australia.

    I know officially the count is 0, but I do know of at least 5 that were in Queensland in recent years including: mine, another 3 in Brisbane including a diesel, and 4th white one that I believe got written off


    As far as other states I’d be interested in how many people have seen around...

    At a rough guess, I’d say that there is possibly 10 to 20 in Australia, but finding there location is another thing(i.e not really looking for other owners just locals to work out in my head a rough estimate of how many there actually are)...
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    I have seen one in Sydney, cant really remember much about it tho it was about 2 years ago!

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