180 Fuel guage (electronics?) issue.
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    Default 180 Fuel guage (electronics?) issue.

    Has anyone else had problems with their fuel guage not showing the right level on a GTI 180?

    I filled my car up a couple of days ago & it showed only 7/8 full. I thought maybe the pump was clicking off early, as they sometimes do. But today when I filled it up till the pump refused to pump anymore the guage again was only showin 7/8 full. I drove maybe 20kms and the guage dropped slightly (the other day it dropped about a 1/4 of a tank over a 90km highway trip).

    Thinking it may have been the pumps at that particular servo I stopped again this morning to try and fill it. I managed to get about $3 worth of petrol in before before the tank completely overflowed. The guage didn't move & is still showing just under 7/8. I figure that there is either an air pocket in the tank or the electronics are playing up again.

    A couple of times in the first 2 months I had the car there were issues with the immobiliser not allowing the car to start or when I took the key out & opened the door the chime for leaving the key in the ignition went off & the car wouldn't lock because it thought the key was still in. Actually, thinking back, these seem to crop up within a few days of the anniversary of the car's delivery.

    I've had the software updated, and haven't had an issue for a couple of months, but would be really interested in finding out if anyone else has had these kind of problems. Or if anyone has an opinion on whether the fuel issue is the electronics or something else.



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    I got my gauge reseted on a full tank. took it to service got them to fill the car up and reset the maximum fuel reading.

    And then on the other hand theres all these special ways to fill up the car slow and easy will fill the car up all the way.

    If you do a search i think you will find more information on this.

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    What do you mean by "trickle fill"? Are there different techniques to filling your petrol tank?!

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