New 306 front suspension disfunction !
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    New 306 front suspension disfunction !

    I have a suspension problem with my new 2001 306 Rallye. There is a 'shuddering' feeling/noise/vibration coming from the front suspension when the car is travelling over undulating roads and going over the crests of hills at around 70-85 kms/h.

    This vibration is registered through the steering and the accelerator peddle. It is also quite audible to me. It seems that only the driver of the car can feel and hear this shuddering/vibration but not the passenger.


    I have been for a 'test drive' with the 'man from Peugeot' who was not able to identify any problem with the car, though he did not actually drive the car and was only a passenger. Peugeot have also been unwilling to take a look under the car or to investigate the matter more thoroughly.

    Does anybody have (1)any idea what might be the cause of this apparent fault in the suspension ?and (2)what action I should take to get this problem sorted out?


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    Hi Roger,

    Welcome to aussiefrogs! I'll wave the flag to start with and let you know you should pick up an aussiefrogs sticker from one of the 3 locations in Sydney sometime soon: Auto France (Artarmon), Continental Cars (Punchbowl) or Rock Around The Block (Granville). There's a thread running under "General Chit Chat" about the exact locations. aussiefrogs stickers have been known to cure all sorts of problems so far

    Given your vibration probelm seems to be speed related, have you checked wheel balancing? It's possible one of the lead weights has fallen off. You've got a Rallye (which I think have alloy wheels standard?) the lead weights are usually glued on. My experience in the past is that if the wheel isn't perfectly clean when the weight is stuck on it doesn't last too long.

    Check that out and get back to us.


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    I have just experienced the same problem. The wheel itself doesnt vibrate, which would indicate front wheel balance, but you can feel a vibration in the wheel. My mech. wholy believes its a rear wheel balance problem too.
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    had a friend of mine once that had a fairlane
    he had a vibration in the car that for the life of him and his mechanics could never put their fingers on
    he had things like the diff re-built, new shocks and other things to try and get rid of this vibration
    he honestly thought it was coming from the front but he was bieng told that it was in the rear somewhere
    in the end it was a rear wheel out of balance
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    A couple of thoughts

    Firstly, its possible to have a wheel or tyre which is slightly distorted, but still balanced.

    Try swapping front tyres for rear and see if the noise remains the same , and seems to come from the same place.

    Secondly, some seemingly 'speed related" noises are really engine speed related. Check that you don't get the same vibration at similar revs in other gears. Its often easy to miss when you are accelerating up through the gears, and only becomes apparent when you consciously look for it. If it is, then it opens up a range of other possibilities - exhaust system resonances etc etc.


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    When it starts occuring at speed, push in the clutch and let the engine revs drop - then you'll be able to see if it's the motor or wheels/suspension.

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