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Thread: XU9J2 questions

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    XU9J2 questions

    I know of the performance upgrade options for the 405 Mi16 XU9J4 motor, but I'm curious about the 8 valve counterpart. I've seen several references to the 205 1.9 and upgrades and I'm curious if this is the same 1.9 liter used in the 405 series. We never got any 205s here unfortunately.

    Here in the US, the 405 "S" and "DL" models were equipped with an XU9J2 SOHC 8 valve motor with 8.3:1 compression, Motronic M1.3 engine management, 110bhp @ 5200 RPM, and 120 lbs/ft @ 4250 RPM. I don't know if any other market got this super-detuned version--my guess is that Peugeot was planning for our consistently sh**ty quality 87 octane gasoline.

    I guess I'm wondering how tuneable this motor is, and if the same rules apply to the 405 versions. I was thinking that someday I may try to obtain an 8 valve 405 and tune it. I love squeezing power from 8 valve engines--call me crazy, but I love the generally broad powerband of 2 valve/cyl engines.



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    The "export" version of the 205 GTi share the engine that I think you are talking about with the export 405. My car ('88 205 GTi, 1.9) has 8.4:1 compression ratio, similar power outputs etc. However, and quite frustatingly, the "normal" european spec cars ran the same engine, but with higher compression pistons, or a ratio of 9.6:1 (130 bhp) until the updated version which was 9.2:1 (122 bhp) (and cat converted). You can tune the lower compression engine, but the bulk of the work revolves around higher compression pistons, then other work, you would be better off starting with a uk spec engine.

    Hope this helps a little bit,

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