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    Interesting report, but I think it is somewhat questionable in bias. Firstly, it seems to be fundamentally a WRX website (the owner of the page proudly drives one), and secondly, to be taken seriously, then would need to specify the exact models being tested for comparison's sake, which they do not do. Nonetheless, interesting...


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    maybe i can throw my 2 bobs worth in here having both a 4x4 turbo and a 2058v in the garage. the gtir is a fun thing especially after 3k rpm. its all grunt and great handling but after that its just japanese white goods on wheels. the 205 is another matter...and from another generation. it is fun with a capital F. nimble ,light character, roomy for its age[more room than a clio] timeless looks, great for sex...oops i'm starting to wander. it just goes to prove i think one doesnt need all out speed to have fun! only my thoughts tho!

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