Michelin MXV vs Centuris (or centis)
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    Michelin MXV vs Centuris (or centis)

    I was just about to fit new boots to my 505 GTi and found that Michelin don't make the MXVs any more. The replacement is a centuris (not sure of the spelling, only saw it on a brochure at Bob Janes and I couldn't find anything on the Michelin website).

    Has anyone had any experience with these new types, or have any suggestions on a near equivalent?



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    I've got Michelin Certis on my 306XR. They're made in Thailand which didn't thrill me too much, but I can't complain about them. I've done 11 000km (some country) with them and the ride is great, and they seem far better in the wet than the old Michelins (can't rememeber the name) that were on the car.

    I'm not sure if it's significant, but at Brooks Tyres Parramatta where I had them fitted, they were amazed at how well balanced (read round) the Certis' were. From memory two of the wheels only needed 20g lead and the other two were 40 or 50g

    I know the guys down there so was in the workshop with them and they were amazed.

    Hope that helps!

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    I just tried to order two Michelin Vivacys (to replace my Michelin MXF Clubs) and found that they no longer sell them in 195/65 14", and the only Michelin available in that size is the new Michelin Certis. The Vivacy's were only released about 2 years ago (around the time I bought the earlier MXFs which the Vivacys were supposed to replace), so they didn't stay around long before they started to supercede them.

    The Certis' are $9 cheaper each than the MXFs I bought from the same store 2 years ago, so I'm happy about that. I just hope they're as good in the wet as the Vivacys and as long lasting (50,000km+).

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