2001 Syd Motor Show
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    2001 Syd Motor Show

    Well folks,

    I made it! Amongst all the mullet cropped ferals and other dear Sydneysiders, the Motor Show is awesome. Peugeot is lucky this year as they are trying to push most people into the entrance which is closest to the Pug stand. Just make sure you keep your eyes of the 911 Turbo and GT2 on the way past!

    New cars are the 307 , 206 CC and 607. All very nicely presented and the best thing - THEY DID NOT HAVE THEM LOCKED SO YOU CANNOT HOP INSIDE HAVE A 'TINKER'! One of the most annoying things and my pet gripe @ a Motor Show. Geneva Show in 1998 was all open with about 10 times more people! No mullet wearers tho' in Switzerland!

    307 has a huge expanse of Dashboard out infront of you to the base of the windscreen and one of those 'Info Displays' that is in Astras etc. It seems a bit too far away - will have to wait to see what font size they are using for the readouts. Lots of good little gadgets in the new cars to that I have not seen before - nice to beat Honda / Toyota on the minor tech side of things for once. Build quality is awesome although the paint job is less than desired. Especially on the inside of the boot and lower tailgate area near the tailights as it has a very bad orange peel effect - hopefully a one off. Plastic front guards are something else to get used to - good for saving weight I suppose and hopefully no more "carpark" dents fron doors on other cars!!!!

    It made me proud when I overheard a Holden shirt wearing person and a few 'generic' visitors saying how nice the cars are and the high quality of the stand. Lets hope Sime Darby can go hard and turnover a few more cars than normal!


    Get out the D.Hbr and ENJOY the show.
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    was also there today, thought it was pretty good aswell. yeh the peugeot section was well organised although i was disappointed that i couldn't get a poster of the 206 wrc. there were some quality cars ie the european cars ... i especially liked the 206 cc with the gti engine very nice. also the 406 coupe i would love one of those. didnt really like the 307 dunno why maybe when they release a sports version or if they release a sports version i will like it more. the 607 looked nice from the outside and no doubt would be on the inside, it was a pity you couldn't check out the inside. well overall a great day, check out the motorshow all you sydney siders if you get the chance its worth it.

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