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Thread: Peugeot value

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    Peugeot value

    Here in the USA, Peugeot's resale value is deplorable. It never was really that great initially, but when Peugeot pulled-the-plug on North American sales in the early 90s, the values dropped even more. I'm not complaining because acquiring another Peugeot takes very little money (hehehe).

    What are the resale situations like in Australia and NZ?



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    I have no idea what it's like presently. Back in the early sixties the 203s and 403s were very cheap alongside some other cars, and 404s followed suit, mainly because they were so prone to rust.
    For a while 504s held good prices, especially those bought before the hefty price rises that hit not long after they were introduced... and good ones kept their value for a long time.
    A few years ago those that had been a bit ritzy in price suffered a sudden slump, though, along with a lot of other older models.

    505s are now starting to fall off the road, and as you say, it's good for us who want to buy them cheaply... and irrelevant for those keeping their cars long term...

    But I'd think it might be a bit hard on those who've spent up big on the newer cars...

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    Suprisingly, in a recent Wheels mag (that has the Red Book guide), 406s come up top for resale values for medium size cars with 4/5 stars and the 306 comes second to the VW Golf in the small cars category, also with 4/5 stars.
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