405STI Bosch ABS Fault Codes
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    405STI Bosch ABS Fault Codes

    I have been trying to track down the meaning for the fault codes for the Bosch ABS as fitted to my 1995 405 STI without success.

    I have tracked down the codes for the Bendix ABS, (over Internet) and while I found a link to the Bosch web site (in Germany) for their codes, the particular page which listed the codes has been taken down.

    Can anyone provide assistance please?

    Could there be any chance that the codes are standardised between the Bendix and Bosch ABS ? [Hmm perhaps remote]



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    Bosch produce a huge range of specialised technical reference booklets for their products (alternators, ABS, lighting, etc. etc.) Try a technical bookstore...I know for sure that Rellim Technical Bookstore in Perth has a large range of them if you're stuck.


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