504 Wheel Stud specs etc
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    504 Wheel Stud specs etc

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a 504, but if I do I will definately be sticking some mags on it


    What are the wheel specs, pcd all that jazz for 504s, specifically, you could put 205 GTI mags on one, as I can get them quite cheaply

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    i'm 99.9% certain 504's have a completely different PCD.

    are they the 14" or 15" GTi wheels?
    if you dotn get them could you let me know where they are as i've got a mate in NZ looking for a set.
    email me here: [email protected]



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    The only cars which share the same PCD as the 504/505/604 sedans are the older Subarus (Leone, etc). It is a much larger PCD than the 205, etc. I think it's about 130mm (or is it 140mm?).

    There are heaps of different 14" mags which fit the 504, but there are only a few of 15" wheels which fit. There are a couple of different 15" wheels from the 505 and Simmons can also make a 3 piece 15" wheel for the 504 (and possibly larger ones also). It may also be possible to buy some brands of wheel (Performance brand mags?) as blanks which you can have drilled to the correct PCD.

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    Because it is such a large PCD (it is 140mm, I think), there are few wheels with a large enough centre to be drilled to suit.

    There is another problem, too. The rear hubs are recessed just inside the stud circle, so a flat centre would be sitting on a rather smaller surface than you would expect, and the wheelnuts would be tending to bend the centre rather than simply pull it tight.

    Tony Simmons will no doubt do the larger rims on the 15" centres.

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    the PCD is 140mm but the offset is another problem: I don't know if I would be game to use a spacer to get the correct offset for Pugs. There has been (and still is) a healthy discussion on this topic on the US site - www.vectorbd.com/peugeot/archive/index.html

    use the Altavista search engine button.


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    Tony simmons can make rims at any size for any car.
    My set were worth over $4000 Aus dollars
    16x9,16x8 with pirelli pzero's
    rims were $500 each tyres $515
    In most cases u get what u pay 4
    But i dont think many people will be willing to spend that much for wheels on there 504's
    Hey i think they would look great on a 505gti


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    I know I have posted about mags before but I didn't add how much it cost me (I think). Through a tyre store I got Performance mags (you were right Dave!) to provide blanks that were drilled to suit the 3 stud on my r17. You should be able to get them drilled to the 140mm PCD of the 504's. I was getting a very good price but it only cost me around $1400 (NZ$) inc drilling.

    I know they aren't simmons but they don't look to bad either -these were superlites- a minilite copy.

    If you need to know more Louis just drop me a line,

    Cheers Ben

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