oil thirsty mi16
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    Default oil thirsty mi16

    i have a friend who owns a 93 series 1 mi16 and it has always been very well maintained, over the last few weeks he has used around 6 litres of oil! i know that pugs are proned to using a little oil, thats more than an oil change. the first thing that i thought of was the piston rings as the car is blowing a little blue smoke, but nothing more than it should be (the car has no cat also) so there has always been a tad more smoke than normal.

    also there appears to be no symptoms of a bad engine as it runs really well and the compression is pretty even,
    and yes we checked for an oil stain on the garage floor

    thanks guys hope you can help!


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    6 litres in a few weeks.......
    what oil was he using to top up??? 0-30? ie....if the oil is to thin (and the car is already burning some) than anything light he puts in will go straight out the exhaust........ has he checked his throtle body/manifold? Is there a lot of grease/oil inside throtle???Temperature guage is working? Over how many kays has he lost 6 litres????


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