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    Default advice please

    Hi all
    I'm considering purchasing my first ever Peugeot..
    I've seen a 2nd hand 1996 405 diesel, with 160km on the clock.

    However I'm in Bendigo, and there is no Peugeot dealer nor mechanic nor I assume appropriate equipment to service this vehicle.

    I've had a test drive and aside feeling a bit cramped, I enjoyed the experience and consider the fuel economy a major reason for purchase.

    I'm concerned after reading some negative comments about the reliability of newer Peugot's that I could be caught with a vehicle that will require a bit of work in the coming months. I'm not a mechanically minded person who has time to do any work on the vehicle myself.

    If members could either warn me of problems with the vehicle or reassure me this sounds like a good purchase, I would appreciate any comments.


    Chris Sp

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    Default 405

    I'm in Canada and have a petrol 405, XU9J2, 110 HP with Cat.

    This car is 15 years old and has 324,000 km on the clock.

    The clutch, engine, transaxle, driveshafts, master cylinder and front shocks are all original.

    Replaced: two tie rods, rear shocks, rear calipers, brake discs (once), ignition coil, trailing arm bearings and all the rest is standard maintenance. The electric system is a joke (maybe the '96 is better) but overall I'm impressed. It seems almost 404-like in its reliability.

    One weakness in damp climates is the design of the rear trailing arm needle bearings. The seals allow water to penetrate and the bearings rust away, making for all sorts of "fun". Best to check the play in the rear wheels before buying: foot on top of rear wheel, start the car rocking violently side to side. Nothing? Jack each side up and grab the wheel and feel for any play at all. A very tiny amount will indicate a need to replace the bearings ASAP. Any more than 1 mm or so and the problem may be advanced.

    Tapping grease nipples into the trailing arms between the bearings can prevent this problem. The cavity takes a hell of a lot of grease but it's worth the effort.

    - Mike
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    my old man has had one since new in 96 and all he has ever done is replace 2 tyres, a battery, timing belt and normal services

    he did have to get the fuel system cleaned out once due to a bad does of seasonal fuel but other than that he hasn't had a single drama with it

    keeping them serviced is the key to longevity and the normal type services are something anyone can do
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    other than the standard service req my diesel has been great. The most expensive op was a full injector service. The nipples were replaced and all glow plugs replaced. This cost me $800, mainly cost of parts, but it needs to be done. Any diesel mech can do it. My girl has done 270 and she is still a wonder to drive!!

    As far as I have read the 405 is a very reliable car with great efficiency and not really very common, so they stand out nicely in a crowd!!
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