306 heater/AC please help
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    Default 306 heater/AC please help

    The heater/AC of my 306 is causing me major frustration. It only blows hot air....regardles of what its set to. I realise the climate controll is a lil tricky on the 306's, i havent worked it out properly yet (then again i could be wrong, maybe the things broken ). Is this a settings issue, or a faulty something? Has anyone here come acros the same thing or knows a way to get the AC happening? With summer arround the corner, i realy hope i get this thing going, as i sweat like a pig.

    Please help


    Thanx guys

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    I had a similar problem on the S16 prior to buying it. The AC came on (revs up , could hear compressor working) but only hot air thru vents.

    The problem was traced to an actuator that closes the hot air and opens a vent for cold air. The rod or component was cracked and hence not working.

    They replaced it , and its all good.

    Id take it to a specialist before you replace the AC - $$$$$

    Good luck!
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