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    Default gear selection problem

    As the title says i have a gear selecting problem, selecting 2nd and reverse are the main issues and sometimes 4th.


    This is how it started i has taking the gear knob off as i was pulling it i heard a rarther unusual clunk and the gear stick came up about 5cm or so then went back down, since this has happened i have problem selecting the gears.

    Any one got suggestions.

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    I just had my linkages replaced - it was about $80 for both i think, possibly a little cheaper. That fixed my difficulties with 1st, 2nd and reverse. Although that was on an mi16, but same gearbox isnt it???

    I dont know if that what you need though, you may have done some damage to the actual ball bit that goes through the transmission tunnel... have you pulled up the gear stick boot to see what you can see see see??
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    At a guess I'd suspect you may have screwed the linkages into a strange angle.
    The linkages on the Cit and I presume the Pug would be similar, all seem to work in such a manner that if you go to change gear, the cup on the linkage can end up at right angles to where it started when in another gear.
    On the TZi it fell off without warning. We refitted it and it proceeded to keep falling off until it reached the stage of only lasting one or two changes. The teflon retaining ring had fallen out/broken and so there was almost no resistence whatsoever to prevent the cup from dropping off the ball. I slackened the adjustable end and turned it so that when it was in (in this case 3rd gear), the cup sat squarely over the top of the ball istead of on a precarious angle on the side. Result; it has only dropped off once since. I have a new linkage but I'm almost reluctant to put it on at this stage as the only time it fell off (that I mentioned) I was in the car with him and he was changing gears like he was stirring paint so it wan't the tools fault, it was the tradesman.
    If you can see them, get someone to move the car through the gears whilst stationary & see if they're doing what I think and if so, remove the offender and adjust. You'll be amazed at how smooth the gearshift is when this is done. No big deal to remove' just grab & heave.

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