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Thread: 505 gearbox

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    Icon9 505 gearbox

    hello my fellow peugeot fanatics. I need help. i have a pretty decent 72' 504. the only thing holding it back is the gearbox. i've already put a 5 speed from a 505 into it but the syncro's are very very very dodgy. It wont go from 5th to 4th without double clutching, AND putting it into 3rd, or the begining of reverse before hand. It really doesnt like going from 2nd in either direction, and i have to physically hold the lever in reverse otherwise it will 'pop' out.

    i dont want to get an original 504 box cause i apreciate the fuel economy that the 5 speed brings. Pugrambo (and everyone else), do you know of a reliable place i can get my gearbox fixed? I dont have the money to purchase a new one because the people that have them realise how rare they are. i think my only option is to repair. if you could help me out, id be most greatful.


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    When I got a quote to get a BA7/5 reco'd it was approx $11-1200 plus if major parts need replacing more. I wasn't willing to pay that, or do the work myself (a little too delicate for me).

    So I searched for a good 2nd hand to use maybe thats an option. Are we talking BA7 or BA10 box??

    1989 BX16Valve

    "Resting" 1983 505 STi

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