Damaged Aircon Re 306
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    Default Damaged Aircon Re 306

    Context: Last year my car was in an accident. It appears that the aircon pipe out of the compressor was bent and was never repaired.

    Problem: The fibre pipe has since continually being rubbing on a metal piece of the car and has now worn through and popped. Since this happened I've been to two places that have both been unsure as to how to replace the pipe and re-attach it to the compressor due to the apparently strange fitting of the pipe to the compressor. So does anyone know any really good places out there that could potentially fix and repair the problem? Since we're heading into warmer months I'm thinking sooner rather that later for getting it fixed.


    If I can't find anyone that can remove the hose and re-attach it I might be looking at a whole new system and big $$$.
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    get in touch with your local Pirtek bloke

    they should be able to make up a new hose and put the fitting on the end of it and it will be a lot cheaper than a new part from peugeot and it will also be a better part and will out last the life of the car
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