A guy overseas just posted a link to the Peugeot factory info that has been put online.
From my understanding it's not free, but by the same token it's not expensive either.
He reckons it cost him 15 Euro for 6 hours and he downloaded heaps.

<a href="http://public.infotec.peugeot.com/" target="_blank">http://public.infotec.peugeot.com/</a>

Here is his posting which I thought may be of big help for anyone searching for hard to gt info.


"I subscribed for 6 hours for 15 Euro and managed to print out some really useful data on the 3.0 24V engine and autobox used by Peugeot and Citroen - data that is simply unavailable anywhere else.

I see there is data on every engine including such aspects as:-
The partical filter and additive replacement.
Timing belt replacement.
Torque settings.
Auto gear box oil types (special fluid for electronically controlled boxes) and level.
Injector replacement.

I suspect Citroen will also be producing one - I guess it's it responce to the upcoming EU changes to open up the motor trade to more open competition."

Hope it's of use to someone.

Alan S dance